56B4 anesthesia machine

56B4 anesthesia machine

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56B4 Anesthesia Machine, with its ergonomic design, integrates a concise and smooth structure and high mobility. The microcomputer-controlled Ventilator adopts exported sensors and other components. Its scientific and proper design as well as rigorous production process are what demonstrate the inner quality of Aokai products: mechanical ventilation is made secure and visible by the folded respiratory bellows, and the security of air supply is guaranteed by pneumatic transmission and measurement system. With multiple modern technologies applied, the Anesthesia Machine is both outstanding in performance and versatile in functions.

n  The Ventilator adopts microcomputer control with high-definition 5.7” LCD display, integrating the functions of respiratory control and displaying the monitoring parameters. It is versatile in function and excellent in performance.

n  The high-precision Vaporizer is designed with a stable concentration output, automatic compensation for pressure, temperature and flow rate. And it is available to choose two kinds of gas from Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, and Sevoflurane, ensuring a successful anesthesia operation.

n  High-definition four-tube flowmeter, designed with stoppers for oxygen and nitrous oxide to control the output oxygen concentration.

n  Reliable pneumatic transmission system.

n  Economic and proper configuration of technologies, optional as required by the Customer.

n  Modularized design and upgrading. Upgrading is available as required by the Customer.


Part of Anesthesia Machine

Main body                 High-strength engineering plastic rack, light,

beautiful and corrosion resistant

Scope of application          adult, child

Gas source                  O2: 0.280.6MPa  N2O: 0.280.6MPa

Flow meter                 O2: 0.051.0L/min    1.110L/min

N2O: 0.051.0L/min    1.110L/min

O2, N2O linkage and N2O Stopper

  When using nitrous oxide, oxygen concentration>25%;

  When the oxygen pressure<0.2Kpa, the flow of nitrous oxide would be cut off.

Flow rate of rapid oxygen supply   2575L/min

Low oxygen pressure alarm    There will be sound alarm when the oxygen

pressure < 0.2MPa

Vaporizer                  it has the function of automatic compensation based on pressure, temperature, and flow rate. The regulation range of evaporator concentration is 05 vol%.

Among Halothane,Enflurane,Isoflurane and Sevoflurane,two can be chosen for application as required by the customer. And vaporizers that are imported with original packaging are also available.

Respiratory circuit            working mode: all-close, semi-close, semi-open


Respiratory Bellows          bellows for adults, bellows for children

tidal volume range:01,500 ml


Part of Ventilator

Display mode               High-definition 5.7 LCD screen display

Ventilation  mode           IPPV, SIPPV, SIMV, MANUAL

Ventilation  function         PEEP,SIGH, IRV,

Ventilation parameters        Tidal volume         501500 ml

Rate                299 bpm

SIMV rate           220 bpm

I:E                 2118

Inspiratory trigger pressure -1020 cmH2O

PEEP        220 cmH2O

Pressure Range  560 cmH2O

                SIGH    1.5 times the inspiratory time (60-120 adjustable)

Parameters for ventilation monitoring  tidal volume, minute ventilation volume, IPPV rate, SIMV rate, total respiratory rate, I/E, peak pressure of airway, average pressure, pressure - time waveform, flow rate - time waveform, PEEP, inspiratory trigger pressure

Security Alarm System

Airway pressure alarm          upper limit setting range   560 cmH2O

low limit setting range    050 cmH2O

Minute ventilation volume alarm  upper limit setting range   120 L/min

low limit setting range    019 L/min

Tidal volume                         upper limit setting range   1001500ml

low limit setting range     01400ml

Sustained high-pressure alarm      it will give alarm when stress have consistently

been higher than 2.5 cmH2O

(Suffocation alarm, Power alarm, Intubation off alarm, battery voltage alarm)

Power                           AC 220V   50Hz UPS, Storage battery

Mechanical Arms End-tidal CO2 monitoring

Specific interface of waste anesthesia gas

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